Harvesting Seed

Simple Seed Harvesting


It's as simple as cutting open the pod and removing the seeds. Follow our step by step guide.


Tools Needed


Tools you’ll need for harvesting your seeds from the pods:


  1. Your Pod Packs Fresh Pods


  1. Gloves


  1. Sharp Knife & Cutting Board


  1. Tweezers (optional)


  1. Small Envelope & Pen


Harvesting Seeds from your Pods


The only danger is getting the Capsaicin oil on your hands, so we recommed wear gloves and don't rub your eyes. We've put together an easy guide to how @chillitourguide harvest his seeds.




Take your best pen or pencil (Sharpies work too) and write the date and name of the variety on to the outside of the envelope.

TIP: Use self sealing envelopes, licking them is not a great idea!


Glove Up!


Let's protect those hands from the Capsaicin Oil, put those gloves on!


Pod on the Board!


Place you pod on the board and using a sharp knife, split the pod in half top to bottom


Play Operation!


Using those handy tweezers (you can use a knife and scrap the seeds out if you wish), remove the seeds and place them into the envelope.


Don't Seal it Yet!


Now the seeds are safely tucked up in the envelope, leave them somewhere safe and warm to air dry.


Clock Watch


After around a week, give the envelope a little shake, and check the seeds are nice and dry. If so seal the envelope, and store in a cool dark place.


Let them Grow


Depending on the temperture and your growing conditions, we recommend sowing the seeds depending on variety between January and March, allowing for most varities to produce first fruitsaround June, with some chinenses taking a few months longer. Want to know more on growing and getting the most from your harvest? We recommend the Chilli Growers Workshop.

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